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Hello! This is my first blog ever. Like, ever, ever.

Needless to say, I am quite pleased with myself for finally working up the motivation to actually write one, even though it will probably be composed of rather spaced out entries.

Getting to the point, have you ever noticed how similar a cappella and ultimate frisbee are?

Both have avid, obsessed fans; crazy cool shows (or tounaments); multitudes of groups/teams that few have ever heard of, yet are still incredibly good and deserve attention; and school groups/teams. They also are relativly unnoticed, people know of it's existence, but it isn't in the mainstream media. For example, ultimate games (even the international ones) aren't really broadcast on TV, and a cappella isn't exactly played on every radio station.

Each also has a company or organization  widely associated with it. Ultimate has Five Ultimate, a company that makes frisbee stuff galore and hosts and sponsors tons of tournaments and teams. When you ask a frisbee player about a company devoted to ultimate, they'll probably think of Five Ultimate.

A cappella has CASA, which is in a similar position. It works with or does lots of events, has this marvelous website, and connects the a cappella communities in different regions all over the place. 


niche groups

There are many groups that exist under the mainstream radar.  For Ultimate, it doesn't generate money, the rabid players are not interested in big exposure, it's largely self-regulated, so that's why it's not on television.  Not to mention that most people wouldn't watch it on television.

There are obscure sports, obscure arts, obscure activities all over the place.  Maybe a cappella singers should embrace being under the radar, like Ultimate does.  Folks are always wondering when a cappella will break into the mainstream.  Do we really want that?  We can be successful, and happy, without it; will the greater exposure ruin whatever good there is in a cappella?

too true.

If a cappella music was overplayed like, for example, Katy Perry or Miley Cyrus, then it would kinda loose it's novelty.

The Acapocalypse

Totally agree, Master Tim.

Acappella has always been, to me, an expression of joyous, youthful irreverence.  Part of its charm is that it is so unashamedly not main-stream.  Yeah, we cover Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus...but we do I Kissed a Girl in a Big Band swing with a male jazz soloist, just because we can.  We're just as likely to do silly original songs, or cover great old songs, or point out how The Same all pop music is by creating mash-ups and medleys.

I fear the day acappella becomes mainstream.  The day record companies and television conglomerates tell us what 'good' acappella is, and what we should like and dislike.  That would kill the soul of the genre.  As Deke Sharon wrote in his post about Glee, "Who cares if it's cool or not, because if the music is great, it doesn't matter."  I couldn't have said it better myself.

If the day ever comes that acappella dies, I hope that I died first, because to me and aca-fans all over the world, I think it would feel like the world had come to a screeching halt.  I already think that there is too much foisting of standards on the community, both by perceptions of what "good" music sounds like and by the community itself and the desire to be "as good" as other groups.  Who says you need mics?  Who says you need VP?  When we start being afraid of being ourselves, that's when the acapocalypse looms ever closer.

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