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More a cappella goodness on TV this week!  USA's hit show Psych has a special a cappella episode this coming Friday.  Reportedly main character Gus is reunited with two members of his college a cappella quartet at a funeral for the fourth member of their quartet.  They ask Gus and his partner Shawn to prove that the singer was murdered.  Jaleel White (of Urkel fame) and Kenan Thompson (former Nickelodeon star and current SNL player) costar as the a cappella singers.

To add a bit of excitement to the episode, USA asked vocal harmony superstars Boyz II Men to record a special a cappella version of the theme song.  Beatboxing and all.

Click here to watch the video of the Boyz II Men a cappella version of the Psych theme song.


The video is currently

The video is currently unavailable. :-(

It's up!!

Cool rendition. Decent VP too! A different sound and style for Boyz II Men too.


Check it out!

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