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When I first got involved in a cappella (mid-90’s) there was a mythical, magical appeal to the West Coast A Cappella Summit.  All the groups would find a way to go, it seemed.  It was a gathering of the best a cappella people, it seemed.  A Cappella Nirvana.

When I attended my first West Coast A Cappella Summit (2002) it really was that cool.  I could stand around and talk to the biggest names in a cappella.  I met Deke Sharon!  Richard Green!  Relationships started there that have carried me to where I am now in music and life.

For whatever reason, the West Coast A Cappella Summit seems to have gone the way of King Arthur (gone, but perhaps to return some day in might and glory?). 

The new place to be, the new ‘Summit,’ the epicenter of a cappella art and community is SOJAM.

The first weekend in November, Raleigh, North Carolina, SoJam has in its seven years become the biggest, best, most comprehensive, most involved a cappella event in the United States.  Consistently, the best performing groups, the best teachers, the best parties, the best memories.

If you are serious about your a cappella, if you want to recapture (or capture for the first time) that magical a cappella experience, you must go to SoJam.  It really is THAT AWESOME.



You said it!

Thanks for the plug, Tim!

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Too bad that the West Coast A

Too bad that the West Coast A Cappella Summit is gone, though. What other events are there on the west coast?

other western thangs:

Las Vegas A Cappella Summit, Oct 2-3

Los Angeles A Cappella Festival, scheduled for Jan 30th.

Colorado Vocal Jam (Denver!  ... not exactly west coast) Oct 23-24

Harmony Sweepstakes (LA, San Fran, and Finals in San Rafael) in the Spring.

That's all I know about!

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