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OK, party people, I'm writing about SoJam 2009.  This will be my first visit to it and I'm looking for people in the know to let me in on all the secrets.  What to do, what not to do, where to go, who to meet, etc.

I plan on purchasing the whole weekend pass (in the very near future) so I will be at both concerts and all the classes.  Flying in Friday mid-morning (red-eye) and leaving Sunday morning.  (Can someone tell me if purchasing the tickets from CASA.org really does knock $10 off the price as the SoJam site suggests...because it don't look that way.)

Also I would love some ideas.  For example; it's 20-30 minutes from RDU to Duke campus, and about 5-10 to the Theater... if I get a hotel close to Duke/Theater could I go without a rental car and just use public transport?  Anyone have the down-low on hotels to go to and which to avoid?  Or maybe someone(s) want to team up and tackle these costs together?  I'd be up for a slightly nicer place or a better locale with two beds if someone is willing to take in a stranger (married and I've had all my shots).

Frankly the plane ticket I just purchased is over any budget I have so any advice would be appreciated!



Glad you're coming to SoJam!  You need to be logged in to CASA.org to get the discount.  A quick visit to http://www.casa.org/sojam shows the discounted pass as the first option there ($50 instead of $60).  If you're having issues/not seeing this, try emailing joe at casa dot org.

The Carolina Theatre is about 3-5 minutes from Duke.  If you can't find a ride and just cabbed it, it wouldn't cost you too much.

There are a list of hotels at http://www.sojam.net/lodging.php - have never been to any of them tho, so perhaps google map it?  We will have a google map on the site soon, as well, with all locations.

Hopefully some folks will respond here, and you can hook up (erm...i mean...connect?) with someone!





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