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Singers IconsThe Last Note Singers, an a cappella choir in Denver, Colorado will be starting it's new Holiday season once again this month. Always accepting new voices, rehearsals start Tuesday, September 1st, and continue each Tuesday through November. After the rehearsal season, the performing starts in earnest! Approximately 11 concerts in 21 days. Luckily, not all members have to be at each concert. (Otherwise no one would have time to buy presents!)

This unique group mixes singing, laughing as well as the not-so-ocasional glass of wine. Known for singing in bars after concerts (not all members make this a practice, and they earn a certain respect for that), we somehow manage to entertain rather than annoy.

CASA arrangements are some of our favorites, but we have a growing list of original arrangements we'd be happy to share with CASA members. Visit our website at www.lastnotesingers.org for more information. And if you're in town, stop by for a song and a glass of wine!