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It's always a big moment when the mighty Rockapella announces a changing of the guard.  The legendary group revealed that Kevin Wright, one of their much-loved tenors for the past thirteen years, has made the decision to "hang up his traveling shoes and change the direction of his career".

The perennially talented quintet seems to have a knack for endurance though, thriving and reinventing with any membership change, and keeping their sizable place on the national stage.  2010 will prove to be very interesting indeed.  Until then, fans will be able to enjoy Kevin in performances through December 2009.  Here's his goodbye to the many Rockapella fans out
there across the globe:

"Making this change is one of the toughest decisions of my life. With our girls growing up and another thriving business, my wife, Amy and I believe that this is a time for our family to share as much of our lives together as possible. It's been such a rewarding experience and an honor to be part of the greatest vocal group ever. As I say goodbye, I wish my brothers in Rockapella nothing but the greatest success in the years to come. To all the amazing fan friends throughout the world THANK YOU for being family so many nights. I will miss sharing part of my life with you.


Kevin, you'll be missed.  The search for the...er...right guy to fill Mr. Wright's spot begins. We've been given the full text of the audition notice, which is being published nationally now... let the games begin!

ROCKAPELLA seeks star tenor/baritone:
Must look hot and move so nice.
Group info at www.rockapella.com.
Send bio, pix, audio. Video if available.
Small files & clear images please.
Direct web links to material OK.
Please submit by 9/15 via casting.backstage.com, or email
Alternately, ship to arrive by 9/15:
Rockapella, Attn: K.Garde.
331 West 57th St
Box 525
New York, NY 10019