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I came across this article today and wanted to share it with you, the A Cappella-loving community.  Rather than have you slog through the entire article (which I do recommend if you want to make sure I'm not misrepresenting the context), here is the paragraph I found most interesting (emphasis mine):

"Guggenheim chuckles at the suggestion. "There was the moment when someone asked me to be the lead singer in a band, but the band never happened. I never had the chance. I danced around many nights in my underwear air-guitaring to everybody. In the pathetic days of Billy Joel." Worse, he sang in a college a cappella group called—get ready for it—the Brown Derbies. After that, Guggenheim insists, "I got cooler," but never with a guitar in his hands."



Its a little frustrating the

Its a little frustrating the public perception that people have of what we do...when at the same time, 99.9% of people who actually see and hear a contemporary a cappella sound  are just blown away by it and impressed.  We always tell people who are thinking of coming to our shows that we 100% gaurantee they will have a good time, and we've neve been wrong yet. 

Tis an uphill battle...

Chris Rupp Director/baritone of Home Free http://www.homefreevocalband.com


Eh, if anything, it looks like they're just saying how horrible the pun is. And you gotta admit, there are a lot of bad puns in a cappella...


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