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Hello CASA! We are DoubleShot! from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  We're the first ever group authoring a blog on CASA, and we're happy to be here.

A little bit about us:  We got together in March 2006 in Pittsburgh, a few months after five of the original six guys met in a local bar during a karaoke night.  Most of us had sung in choral settings, some of us had exposure to contemporary a cappella or had sung in college groups, but none of us had been in "one-on-a-part band" settings before.  At the onset, we rehearsed frequently and were taking just about every opportunity we could to get up on stage.  One year later, we swept the 2007 Mid-Atlantic Harmony Sweepstakes and took our first trip to the National Finals.  Two years later, we received honors at the New York Sweeps, performed at the East Coast A Cappella Summit, and were featured on radio and television in our local area.  Three years later, we survived our first two personnel changes to make every performance on our calendar and secure dual honors at the '09 Mid-Atlantic Sweeps.

We have performed for people and dollars ranging from a few to a few thousand.  But we do it, as many groups do, as a part-time, "semipro" effort -- all of us have other jobs and things we do in our lives.  

One of the things that we think makes us fairly unique is that, rather than just trying to get a bunch of people that are on the same page, we manage a lot of differing expectations within DoubleShot!.  Some of our performers don't want to do this for a living, some of them do, and some people are in between.  However, we strive to create an environment where the group's importance is above that of the performers and all of our members are dedicated to moving "the band" forward towards future success, regardless of our individual roles in it.  Also, regardless of the other priorities, all of our performers (and our group) prioritize having fun somewhere in there -- both for ourselves and for our audiences.

Even though we're a relatively young group, we look forward to contributing both what we've learned and what we're learning to the CASA online community, and we hope this blog will serve to improve a national a cappella community that has already been so very generous and supportive of our efforts within it.

Here's some things you can expect to read from us:

Things we've already learned or done.  Our own growth and development has focused a lot of taking ownership and doing things our own way, but at the same time without reinventing the wheel too much -- we don't view most of our problems or challenges as unique and try to learn lessons any way we can from every artistic/performance group, every organization that have had similar difficulties.  We expect there will be some ideas, some ways we do things that we share that newer/younger/less active groups can benefit from.  Similarly, if there are more veteran groups that can comment on our processes or share their own experiences, we expect that this will also improve the knowledge base and shorten the learning curve for our group and other groups out there.  Sometimes we'll supplement these learnings with rules and writings we've created to better manage our group.

Things we are currently doing.  We'll archive in realtime some band goings-on, and while some groups out there will have "been there, done that" with regard to the place where we're at or where we're heading.  But by cataloging our own experiences in this blog, we think we may save some time or inspire some less experienced groups in some form or fashion.  After all, we're a work in progress and we look forward to other groups/bands growing along with us.

Multiple perspectives. Sometimes we'll author as a band, sometimes one of our performers will be a solo contributor to our blog.  But we think this could largely be a good thing.  Many of our performers serve specific roles within DS! and all of us internalize the same experiences very differently.  We hope that others will benefit from a variety of perspectives shared within our blog entries.

So ends our first entry, CASA -- we're pleased to meet you and look forward to writing you in the future.

All the best,
Luke, Steve, Dre, Nate, Dave, and Mike
Pittsburgh's Only All-Vocal Band