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Hello Blog World,

Take Note Acapella is signing on with ACR, a new a cappella record label that licenses music (legally! haha) and internationally distributes a cappella music (itunes/amazon/napster/mp3 etc).  They offer so many amazing things and the artists profit rates are amazing (Especially compared to CDBaby or doing licensing on your own).  ACR does not own Take Note, they are a partnership with us because they sign albums, not artists, so the profits between ACR and the artist are split.  I'm excited to see how ACR's work will effect our group and popularity. ACR is very unique, there's not many labels like them out there.  Everything is digital and they send quarterly reports to the artist, cool right? Take Note is very excited about this!  Our contract with them is free too because we are clients of Vocal Source! yay vocal source!

~Take Note