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Does Deke Sharon--the "Father of Contemporary A Cappella" get down in the dumps?  Maybe his arrangement isn't going well or he feels like he's done everything already and there's nothing left.

"When Alexander saw the breadth of his domain, he wept for there were no more worlds to conquer".  (Benefits of a movie education about classical quotes)

Does Mister Tim every suffer a pang of self-doubt when he's setting up a new group idea?  How many people really want to see an all-Elvis, all Elvis-song cover group?  What about a song about Doug?  Really?  (On a serious note there's material there somewhere if the song is about "Dug".  No need to thank me...I give.)

Face it, we're "artists" and are likely prone to emotions and insecurities.  Maybe Deke's career is all smooth sailing now and he's on top of the world (that's a long fall, btw).  Maybe Mister Tim was tasked by God Himself to create every A Cappella concept anyone can think of.  Then again maybe not, or not at least when they were first starting out.  All kidding aside what I would like to see here is a resource for how people get through the "tough times" when they just don't think they want to sing anymore.  Or arrange.  Or create groups like you have some weird compulsion that medicine hasn't identified.  What did they do?  What do you do?

I'd love to hear from anyone/everyone on this.



Wow... not entirely certain how to reply...

Regarding my mood, I'm teased by my close friends that I have an unnatural amount of serotonin and when I was younger was told I occasionally resembled Tigger, but no doubt, I get down sometimes. However, that's rarely the result of things a cappella.

Fact is, I'm extremely lucky, and the people who told me that I was crazy to try to make a career of a cappella upon graduation were entirely correct. I was crazy. And am thankful every day, because I realize things could very easily have turned out differently.

The top? No more worlds to conquer? Ha! A Cappella is only now just beginning to crack the media and public conscience. And I hardly think of myself as Alexander. More like Johnny Appleseed. I don't own the trees, and frankly don't want to. It's just nice to come back, see a tree where there was a seed, and maybe have an apple. 

There are times when I burn out, but that's only natural when you're doing the same thing for 20 years. I'm usually tired at the end of an 18 day, 18 city, 18 concert tour in Europe, but then I have a couple weeks off (by design). And I do sometimes stare at the beginning stages of an arrangement and think "ugh!" but I'm unusual in that I'm the opposite of a procrastinator (a proactive-ator?) so I can usually set it aside, walk away, and come back in a couple days when my batteries have recharged. But I'm human, and life is the same for all of us in many ways - sometimes you're floating on a cloud when you work, and sometimes it feels like you're digging a trench. Just keep digging.

But I don't think most people have these kind of problems around a cappella, because it's not work for most people. It's a release, a hobby, a joy, a love. And for those people who do it for work, it's really quite enjoyable. The downside isn't lack of fun... it's lack of money. Perhaps that will begin to change... in time, with some luck, and some work.

Time to go plant some more seeds...

- Deke Sharon • 800.579.9305 • http://www.dekesharon.com

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I love that spammers for some reason think readers are idiots.  Because, like, I totally can't tell that's spam, and I TOTALLY wanna go to their web site now.  'Cuz you know the one thing better than a cappella?  A cappella at HOOKAH BARS.


And their spam *totally* won't be removed, and their profile totally won't be deleted...

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Oh, that was Spam?

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