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I'm sitting here in Hawaii, listening to a Hawaiian music station, and reminding myself that if things every go South for me, I'm hopping on a plane (or a boat!), moving to Hawaii, and starting an a cappella group with some local boyz singing Hawaiian music. Because it's an entirely untapped market, and a Hawaiian group based in Honolulu would make a nice living singing about the island breezes. Actually, on second thought, I'm probably not coming back. Aloha! But it got me thinking about all of the other untapped markets and styles of a cappella. Tired of the same old sound? Want something new? Want to make a career of a cappella, carve out your own niche, be the world's best at what you do? How about: * Reggae A Cappella. If you're not Jamaican, you're likely gonna want to get some Caribbean singers on board (I'm personally not a fan of the UB-40 techno-reggae sound). Reggae is a style of music that's beloved worldwide. Do it right, and you'll see the world. * Jazz A Cappella. OK - you're saying "but there's plenty of vocal jazz!" and yes, there is. But that, in my opinion, is usually "jazzy," as in "smooth jazz" or "lite jazz" which is not the same as jazz (in my opinion. Flame away!). Vocal drums, vocal bass, vocal trumpet, vocal sax. 4 voices. Think Dizzy and Coletrane. Few if any "vocals." If you don't know what I mean, do not attempt! * Tiki. A small market, decidedly, but a subculture that has a strong, identifiable style and repertoire. Might not make a bunch of money, but you'd doubtless drink for free. Anywhere. * Country. Unless I'm mistaken, there's no full-on country a cappella group. The Edlos did a country album, and got invited to the Grand Ol' Opry. If a group does it right, they'll have a record contract, radio play, and their own theater in Branson, MO within a year, guaranteed. * Jam Band. Downside: you have to know about 800 tunes. Upside: you don't have to sing in tune! Seriously, if an a cappella group can tap into this market, bingo. * Rave/Club. This could even be a solo project: learn the style, create some tracks, send 'em to Tat Tong, become an international superstar (known only by your tag "VoKx" or somesuch). * Punk. You're not gonna outdo Double Dong, at least at first, but you're punk. You don't care. About anything. (N.B. You won't make any money at punk, but if you choose punk, you don't care). * Broadway/showtunes. A group was forming recently that had this idea... but I think it collapsed. You'd want to be based in NYC. There's money to be made at private parties, corporate events, theater events. And there are plenty of others. Cajun/zydeco. Dancehall. Glam Rock. Crunk. Gamelan. OK, I admit, I'm kidding about those last few. But you get the idea. Vast untapped markets abound. Other styles/ideas? Post away!



See, my wife and I were going to retire to Kauai, so you need to save some room for another lolo haole in your band.

I already gave Mister Tim my idea about a Devo cover band, complete with red flower-pot hats.  I assume he's already got 3 songs for it.

Untapped a cappella markets galore!

How about the genre "Thinly Disguised Autobiography of the Singer/Songwriter"?  You could do it in pairs, you and your best friend -- one sings lead, the other imitates the finger-picky guitar.  You can invite another artist to do vocal cello for a song or two in your set.

No ideas from me, but dam

No ideas from me, but dam wish I was in Hawaii right now!black jack online forex market craps on line roulette on line bingo on line

musical theatre

haha i was a part of that collapsed musical theatre a cappelal group. Now I'm in clevleand. Stilla  definitely workable idea, but you have to be very clear on what you want  to do and how you want to do it. Also,w aht abotu a group that specializes in soundscapes? kind of an a cappella sigur ros?

Bryan Guffey Singer, Technologist, Dreamer, soon-to-be podcast creator and host!

Oooh...what about a cappella WORLD music?

You know, replicate the sound of the kora, the didgeridoo....

Juan Cantu

Polynesian Untapped Market

The problem is, most Poly boys from any of the islands only like singing R&B or reggae with instruments. As a Samoan, I've tried many times to start a group with cousins, friends, and even my brothers, but they think that a Capella music is "white boy" stuff...I just don't understand them sometimes.

I can't say I speak for all my fellow Polynesians though, but 99 percent of the ones I talk to don't like singing stuff without their ukulele/guitar/*insert instrument here* to back them up. In my own experience, I'm the only Polynesian (Samoa represent) that likes and wants to do music a Capella.

Music...joy, comfort, pain, sorry, happiness, pleasure, excitement. It's all there.

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