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This is Kwok-tung Fung, CASA ambassador from Hong Kong.  Just would like to let you know that Macau, a city which is about an hour away from Hong Kong, has also started a cappella. There are already two collegiate teams, and the Macau University has even organized in MAR 2009 a small gala in which Klangbezirk (from Germany) and 3 collegiate teams from Hong Kong sang together.  My group Gay Singers (amateur mixed group) has performed there a few weeks ago.  Watch video clips at:http://www.cashk.org/video/GS_V43.wmv (sung in Cantonese, sorry …)http://www.cashk.org/video/GS_V44.wmv (sung in Thai!!!  Sorry again …) If your group is planning an Asian tour and is interested in visiting Macau, simply let me know and I will try my best to provide help!  


 You know the House Jacks

 You know the House Jacks will descend on Macau with fury the next time we're nearby (alas we can't extend our Japan trip this August)!

And I just did a web search - Henri's is still in business. I ended up there one warm, rainy night back in 1986, and am destined to return.

- Deke Sharon • 800.579.9305 • http://www.dekesharon.com

Perform in Hong Kong

I have eventually proposed to CPD of HKG government to present The House Jacks.  I hope they can do this in JAN 2010, but they told me briefly that they will have quite a lot of other programs during that period.  A later date is still possible though.  Anyway, I will continue with my effort! 

A cappella in Mainland China

Hey Mr. Fung,

I'm working on an article for CASA about a cappella in the PRC while I'm working here in Dalian.  I was wondering if you'd come across any contemporary vocal groups on the mainland.  The groups you mentioned in Macau are the only ones I've heard of so far.  Any ideas?  Thanks!

-Nick (nickhamlin at gmail dot com)

Re: A Cappella in Mainland China ...

Hi Nick: I stay mostly in HKG that I know relatively little about the situation in Mainland.   I have heard the performance of the team from Beijing University 3 years ago - quite good indeed and I still have the DVD of this show.  A more professional group called "Ke Dou" also sang in that event, and you can hear its singing at http://www.likenote.com/listener/article/1331.  I do have friends who should know much more about PRC groups - actually he is trying to organize a collegiate compeition in the coming SEPT.  Do you want his contact info?  And do you want to know more about the HKG/Macau scene?  It's the area that I know much better.  Kwok-tung

Do you know if there's a DVD

Do you know if there's a DVD or more extensive online video of the Beijing performance?

Oh yes.  I can make a copy

Oh yes.  I can make a copy for you.  Pls provide a postal address.  You can leave it here, or send it to my email account - info@cashk.org.  Thanks!

Nice clips, clearly there is

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Stouxingers in Asia

Hi, Stouxingers will perform in Asia this octobre, confirmed concerts in Shanghai, Taiwan and Korea. Do you have ideas for them, maybe also in future?

Please visit www.vokalbuero.de, where we have some videos, e.g. of Stouxingers and contact me personally at stephan@vokalbuero.de!

Thanks in advance 

Nice to hear from you. 

Nice to hear from you.  Actually I have heard of your group's performance in Taiwan two years ago (remember the typhoon?)  I have already informed the Macau University that your group will be coming to Asia.  I am also finding for you opportunities in HKG.  Can't promise anything yet.  But will keep you updated :)

Hi, thanks for answering.

Hi, thanks for answering. Yes, typhoon is still vivid!

Current tour schedule starts at 16th in Shanghai, we would be able to begin performances on 13th. Would be nice to hear from you, if possible directly via email? I do not check this website daily. Write to stephan@vokalbuero.de

Thanks in advance



Yep!  Will write to you soon!

Yep!  Will write to you soon!

Re: Performing and Teaching Opportunity in Macau, China

Hi all:

First of all, HAPPY 2010!

The Macau University plans to organize some a cappella activities in MAR 2010 - probably in the 2nd or 3rd weekend.  Proposed activities include 1 workshop, 1 masterclass and a concert  (audience size is about 200.)  The University is now seeking a group to teach and to perform.  The group will receive a lump sum of USD 1,000, but MU may pay more if more sponsorship is obtained.

I know the amount is not very attractive but if your group will anyway be in Asia during that time, this may be a good chance for you to extend your tour.   If you are interested, please write to me (Kwok-tung) at info@cashk.org so that we can discuss further.  Thanks for your attention :)

P.S. Pictures of a similar event held in MAR 2009 can be found at  http://www.cashk.org/p05_06.php.      


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