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If you are not already subscribed to automatically receive the newest A Cappella Originals podcast when it is published, then... you... should... be.  You can do it via iTunes or other podcast subscription services.  Search for 'a cappella originals."  I bet we're the only one!

This podcast: music from Eclipse and Marcoux Corner.  Eclipse from Northern Utah.  Marcoux Corner from Minnesota.  

Eclipse knows hooks.  Their original songs consistently have hooks.  Some better than others, but there.  The hook in "Think Twice" is a little too long and complex to sing along with.  I should say, to sing along with accurately.  I find myself singing it around the house, but I have no idea what most of the words are.

Marcoux Corner: great grasp of the harmony group sound.  Gentle beat, voicings stay relatively simple.  "Your Kisses" is a close descendent of traditional a cappella.

Thought about original music: Stanford's Fleet Street Singers, a college group, released an album of all-original music in 2005.  College.  All-Original.  For reals.  

Leave your comments about the podcast below, or, as always, contact us directly: by email at podcast@casa.org, or by phone at 415-358-8067.

Be Original!


I'm subscribed

I really like the show. I just subscribed last month and I am still getting caught up but it is a well done show. I like the interviews too.

Good job, Tim!



Big fan of Tim.  This podcast

Big fan of Tim.  This podcast shines a light on originals, which needs to happen more in a cappella, and Tim does it with hilarious delivery each episode.  Love it!

--Dave Brown

now: Mouth Off host | ICCA & CARA Judge

then: CASA president, CASAcademy director, CASA Bd of Directors | BYU Vocal Point | Noteworthy co-foun

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