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For those of us who were in show choir, chorus or band in high school, we can relate to the situations on "Glee" (which premiered this past week, and will start its regular season in the fall). As the daughter of a music teacher and a teacher myself, I strongly related to the politics and economics of arts programs depicted in the show. The acting and singing are good, and the writing is quite witty at times. The problem is that too many of the characters are clichéd, and the focus of the show is divided.

The division is with the main character, teacher (and glee club director) Will Schuester (played by Matthew Morrison). Morrison’s performance showed the most promise for the show. I had never seen him before, and he blew me away. He was incredibly believable in a not-so-well-written part. However, (his) wife character and the girl that has a crush on him/fellow teacher were both dull and pointless. They should get rid of the wife character as soon as possible. Jane Lynch needs to be better utilized as comic relief and as Schuester’s nemesis. The focus should be on the teacher, the kids, and the odds against them being overcome.

The vocals were very impressive, and I loved the auditions at the beginning. However, the high school students are just the usual stereotypes, for the most part. Not to mention the time-honored tradition of (seeming) 35-year-olds playing high school juniors! Where are all the agents with great young talent? The character of Rachel, the determined, seemingly mean girl, had some depth to her that I hope they will explore further.

I loved the a cappella that underscored some scenes and was utilized during scene transitions. The music made the show more polished and unique. My favorite was an impressive arrangement of Mozart’s frenetic “Flight of the Bumblebee.”  The “Rehab” number was sarcastic fun and the choreography was stellar! The vocals on “Don’t Stop Believing” got the job done, but the staging was all over the place.

"Glee" could be a hit. I don’t see it lasting more than one or two seasons, though. There is only so far you can go with these characters. For now…give us less love triangle, more music and witty banter!

by Melissa Fleishman


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