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    The world of a cappella music is such a fun place. We’re a strange little microcosm of the greater music industry, full of brilliant minds and tons of talent and huge personalities. We’re in a community where time flies by almost in dog years it would seem (in that case, I’ve been singing aca for 42 years!), and we’ve proven that with time, we adapt quite ably to this rush of progress. The a cappella recordings of the 1990’s sound generations different from those of the early 2000’s, and the recordings of the early 2000’s sound primitive compared to the recordings of 2009. The champions of the ICCA went, in just a few years, from standing in an arc and singing their heads off, to singing their heads off while LITERALLY doing backflips across the stage. We went from having Rockapella and Take 6 acting as our only liaisons to the greater musical community, to having shows produced on major network television channels, and original artists creating albums of our covers. We’re evolving, and we’re doing it quickly.

    It’s this sense of joyous and frenzied adaptation that brought me and my devilishly handsome and talented cohort Dave Brown to conceive of and produce our new podcast, lovingly named Mouth Off. There are several aca-podcasts out there, each beautifully  filling its niche in our musical realm. Our mutual love for these shows as well as our incredibly nerdy obsession with the radio programs on NPR inspired us to take a shot at it ourselves.

    But we didn’t want to develop a show like anything we’d heard before in our acaverse. We wanted to mouth off about issues in a cappella like competition, arranging and recording style in a forum other than RARB. We’ve been aching for a venue to openly and creatively share our personal tastes in a cappella music with our peers. We wanted to chat it up about this group and that group; we wanted to shine a light on the incredible arrangements that move us, to make a shout out to the little guy (or girl) in a cappella who’s working hard without much recognition, to share music you may have never heard, to talk shop about recording and rehearsal practice, to wonder about crappy album art. But more than that, we wanted the chance to have a blast while geeking out over the one topic that somehow, without bringing either of us much money or widespread fame, has gripped our musical souls without letting go. Thus, Mouth Off was born. And mouth off, we do.

    This podcast is a weekly show, to be released every Sunday night. It includes interactive segments in a 2 person talk show format (think “Car Talk“, just younger and louder). We pit arrangements of the same song against each other to learn about different arranging perspectives, honor our personal vocal heroes and voice crushes, visit the a cappella of the (not-so-distant) past to see from whence we came, and review new albums from a variety of groups all in an effort to gab about our opinions and share our fascination with the human voice. We’ve strived to create a show that not only aca-heads like ourselves will love, but that non-singers can tune into and have a laugh while hearing and learning about things they might not have known before.

    While we’re both extremely active in the a cappella community, this show isn’t directly affiliated with any of our other projects. This is just a side project from two guys who can’t turn on the radio without insta-rranging songs in our head, can’t hear a friend talk about a song without mentioning a far superior a cappella version we own, and spend maybe too much time anxiously awaiting the new BOCA. We hope that this show reaches out to the people like us as well as those who couldn’t give a damn about a cappella music. More than that, though, we just hope that this show is fun to listen to .

    So, my humble request is that you check out our show when you’ve got a few moments to spare. You can find a new show every week at www.mouthoffshow.com, as well as some info about us bozos and our lovely announcer Ms. Alli Brooks, as well as links to some of the places in the acaverse that get us all excited. If you’re an audiophile like me, you can also check us out on iTunes by searching for “Mouth Off” under “Podcasts”.  It’s going to be a good time, and we cant wait for you to check it out!

    We’re beyond excited to announce Mouth Off to the a cappella community at large. We hope you have fun, learn something new, get to know us better, and let us know what you think!

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insta-rranging. thanks for the neologism!

-Joseph Livesey | Fermata Nowhere | SoundStage

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