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So, we didn't win. Time for sour grapes and 'we-got-robbed's and 'i-screwed-that-part-up's, right? Rattle off the shoulda-woulda-couldas just out of earshot. Find reasons why we were better than the winners...? Right?

So, we didn't win. So what?!

Is this really the way I've come to justify my vocal ability (or apparently complete lack thereof since we didn't win)? The black and white of competition (not you Malcolm) has been blogged about enough so maybe I'll sit here in SFO and try to think of what next--the only question that has pushed my a cappella-ology (please don't make that a group name).

What's next? Who to copy next? Who Cares?! 2000 people at the Finals? yes. Me? yes.
  _wow! so many questions and not even a thesis statement. take that English class_

I won't start on the 'Why do this?' question, but I can say that a bit of blind forward-trudging may be in order for what is next. A month of just doing...because I can't answer 'Who Cares?' or 'What next?' Optimism feels forced and Pessimism feels fruitless. Control my attitude. Just do. Just write...hey! there it is--a thesis!
  I remember this now from doing the band thing. Now is when you write. Blind emotive description, just put something in the machine (cue Doug Adams' THHGTTG) and see what comes out.

There is a difference between the band and the a cappella group (obviously). the battle of the bands vs harmony sweeps. the sound guy vs the sound guy. the bring your own amp vs the what mics are we using. the ambivalent vs the over-accommodating.

the cover vs the original

write just because, not for or because of.


Cool blog!

 Who are you?


 I'm curious what the title means?


Plumbers of Rome, Throat, King4, Mouthbeats

San Fran, LA, Denver

2 Months of Sweeps

1 Glorious shining bittersweet flight back home. a morning after with more metaphorical parallels than i first expected! is there a way to undo it or do it differently, and would i want to? no. actually, i'm pretty satisfied about the whole sweeps marathon!


 _That_ BOT.  I know you.  Heh.

You win some, you lose some,

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