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This week, CASA's Bill Hare is attending the Aarhus Vocal Festival in Denmark.  Every day, he will be reporting back to us at CASA, so you can watch as it happens!

DAY 3 - MAY 9, 2009

To say this day was busy would be an understatement!

After warmups and classes, we see a few of the 30+ groups that are performing this year

I got interviewed by a Norwegian film crew making a documentary about the group Apes & Babes.

A couple of the less conventional groups at today's vocal group competition.
Top:  Just Five (Austria)
Bottom: Mezzo (Norway)

Opening tonight's big concert was the group Amanda, from Sweden.  Quite a
production, like the Polyphonic Spree doing Les Miserables with some Beatles songs
thrown in!  Video here

At the end of their show, the cast started climbing over the audience members.

This is COSMOS, from Latvia.  I just wasn't prepared.  Get on a plane and see them,
that's all I can say right now - still stunned.  Video here.

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I know the feeling! I still get goose bumps from thinking of some the things I've seen then do. It's just extrordinary!

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