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This week, CASA's Bill Hare is attending the Aarhus Vocal Festival in Denmark.  Every day, he will be reporting back to us at CASA, so you can watch as it happens!

DAY 1 - MAY 7, 2009

Jens Johansen opens the festival!

The festival starts with Aarhus' own Vocal Line.  Recently back from their US tour,
they give the 700-strong crowd a fitting welcome to Denmark!
Video here

Vox North, of Aalborg, Denmark go on next.  Yes, they look calm now, but
soon started to rock the audience onto its feet!

We look around and see many European A Cappella luminaries - here is
John Kjøller of Basix, Spanish vocalist Esmeralda Grao (Ghost Files), and
Italian superbass Andrea Figallo (Flying Pickets, Ghost Files).

The "aftershow" went until 1AM, and featured groups such as Denmark's Groovy Voices.

Some Aarhus night shots.
It's nearly 2 in the morning, with longer days to come!
(2nd pic Photo Credit:  PopKon choir MySpace photos)

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