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 You're looking for a group name!  

A thousand crazy factors go in to choosing.  There are traditions, expectations, logistical realities, the one person in the group who wants to be WACKY (hey, that was me... how do you think I ended up with 'moosebutter'), and just a few pet peeves (a cappella puns!!!  Huzzah!!!!).

A bit of practical advice to consider: when naming your group, you ought to avoid numbers in your name.

I was just looking at a cd from the group 'Octapella.'  Fine group, they've been around for a long time, but for the last several years they have been seven members.  I imagine they spend a lot of time explaining that they used to have 8 so 'Octapella' made sense and now they have seven and... ya....

Group membership changes.  Don't lock yourself into an exact number unless you know you can maintain it.  '8' is a lot.  Four or five is not too bad, but what if you're four and you want to add another guy?  Gets awkward if you name your group 'The Four Guys Quartet.'  

Another reason: there are already so many groups with numbers in the name, it can get confusing.  I know a guy who sings in Fifth Avenue (there are four singers).  There's a Fourth Avenue (with five singers).  FourShadow, Fiveplay, +4db, High Five, Three 5 and 6, Fourte, Defcon Four, 4:2:5, Fiveplay, 

Five O'Clock Shadow works because it's a recognized term.  Likewise Take 6 (a play on Take 5, but you assume they'll always have six singers).

And in interest of full disclosure, I *totally* wish I had thought of naming a group The Defcon Four.  That just rules.


I Love Duwende!

...but how about playing some other groups besides Duwende in the ACO podcast!!??


Who is this group called "Canvas"? I had never heard of them until I watched The Simpsons this week, which contained a great a cappella performance of The Simpsons Theme (by Danny Elfman) during the credits. The credits said the group's name was Canvas.


(I did save my recording of it, but I can't post Simpsons clips on YouTube or anything, because I've already been "politely reminded" that 20th C. Fox doesn't appreciate that.)


I'm still hoping for a chalkboard gag where Bart writes, "Danny Elfman is not an Elf-Man. Danny Elfman is not..."


I guess this isn't technically an a cappella original, but I don't understand why it seems like no one in the a cappella world is talking about this, rather than saying "Here's the same Duwende songs again!"

You can talk about it!

If no one is talking about it, you can fix that!  You can compose your very own blog here at casa.org and others can read it!

Or you can join the discussion here:



Concerning the podcast: yes, all the tracks have to be originals, and we can only play what's voluntarily given to us by groups.  If there's something you want to hear, bug the groups about it!  And I'm sure The House Jacks and Toxic Audio don't mind that you didn't listen to their songs in the last podcast  ;-)

I Will Not Post Off-Topic Comments. I Will Not...

Thanks for the links.


I did listen to the House Jacks and Toxic Audio, and they're very good. I know Duwende isn't literally 100% of the songs you play... but I think the intended message of my "comical exaggeration" was reasonably clear.

Additionally, for those of

Additionally, for those of you who have decided to make trolling & baiting a new form of entertainment, please spare us the heartburn and the need to be heavy handed. You may think you are funny, but bottom line it just makes for an unfriendly environment and the spirit of FlyerTalk is about community, education and fun.

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