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By Phil Rockrohr / University of Chicago

When the University of Chicago a cappella group  Voices in Your Head recorded a song Ben Folds made famous, the 12 student-singers just wanted an interesting piece of music for their latest album, “Note to Self.”

Then Folds, an academically trained multi-instrumentalist and 1990s pop star, decided to collect a cappella versions of his songs for an upcoming album of his own, and suddenly “Magic” was happening.

“The timing was perfect,” says fourth-year Elspeth Michaels, president of the 11-year-old student group. “You can’t imagine it. We couldn’t have planned it.”

Folds is scheduled Tuesday, April 28 to release “Ben Folds Presents: University A Cappella!”—an album of 15 student groups performing songs from his albums, including Voices in Your Head’s version of “Magic.” Even though Folds didn’t write the song, he included it “just based on excellence.”

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