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04/25/2009 19:00
America/New York

Come to the Wootton A Capella Fest

Where: Wootton High School Theater 2100 Wootton Parkway Rockville, MD 20850

When: April 25th at 7 pm till about 10 pm

Who: You of course, but we have quite a few groups competing

Richard Montgomery HS's In Tone, a Co-ed group that was started this year.

The Wootton Supertonics, 9 guys who are known for stealing girlfriends, having been compared to the Hullabahoos, actually the Current Music Director of the Hoos, was a Founder of them.

The Landon Bearitones, The honors male group at the Landon school, who learn music from Madrigals to Sister Hazel

Wootton's Chaos, a mixed group started in 2006 they placed 3rd Nationally in NCHSA and have been going strong ever since.

Walt Whitman HS's None of The Above, A highly talented mixed group they do all their own arrangements and put on a spectacular show.

Wootton's Acabellas, a Girls group that have incredible talent with girls that can hit Cs in the Bass cleft. they have been doing wonderfully this year.

HOSTED by the University of Maryland Generics, the oldest group at UMCP and the best, they have won national awards and are one of the best groups in the country live.

TICKETS are only $5 buy them at the door.

CDs will be sold for $10


The festival was started last year as my Eagle Scout project, and over 300 people came!!  So we decided to do it again so we can get more people to recognize how truly talented high school students are.

if there are any questions email me at Clonestone00@yahoo.com