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I wrote my first BobTale in May 1998. Was I ahead of the curve?  I was curvier then than I am now, but that's a GOOD thing.... Was it a Cro-Magnon blog?  The I Chong of Touring was about one of my first concerts with the Bobs - a double bill with The Persuasions at Cincinnati’s Music Hall, part of the Sing, Cincinnati! festival.   I just posted my 34th BobTale in March 2009 – The Best Laid Plans of Moose and Me: The Bobs in Alaska, which begins sweetly, segues into an emergency room visit, and ends with a volcano. So you can see why I thought it might be cool to chronicle some of my time on the road!  It’s a job, a life and an ongoing adventure I feel blessed to experience. 
I’ve always been a road warrior of sorts – Chronic Wanderlust - and I'm a published travel writer.  But I knew this would be a totally different kind of adventure.  Weeks at a time are spent in very close quarters with people to whom you are not married.  (For the record, none of the The Bobs has ever been married to another Bob in the band’s 28+ year history- unless you count Joe and Matthew, but that was in Vegas, so… wait – I have said too much…)   And not a lot of it is glamorous. But it’s certainly different every time.  The Bobs aren’t diehard partiers on the Eve of Destruction tour – we can’t be – all we have is our voices (and we’re not in college). For the most part we enjoy each other’s company offstage as well as onstage (as long as there is good coffee readily available in the mornings). I wouldn’t go so far as to say we’re all adults…including myself.
Although the chapters are lighthearted, I don’t shy away from being serious if the mood strikes – that unexpected sunset over the next hill can become immensely moving when the right song is on that station you finally found in the middle of nowhere, that dinner with the promoter oddly revealing. That train ride past the apartment you grew up in can open up a whole can of worms that colors the whole trip. As can any medication you are taking.
Passports and poker games.  Insomnia and illness. Reunions and rehearsals. Tolls and knolls and occasionally trolls. Hotels and motels. Law & Order. Weather and bad directions. And of course, really amazing fans, some of whom have traveled for immense distances just to see your show. Which makes any misadventures you had to get there seem unimportant…
The complete index is here:   http://www.bobs.com/bobtales.html