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2009 has already proven to be a very exciting year for us here at CASA. We’ve got a sassy new Board of Directors, an awesome new website, a fancy new Acapedia on its way out, and some exciting new membership benefits about to be announced! All that’s left is the launching of  a powerful volunteer network aimed at helping all of CASA’s little seeds grow--- and that network is the Ambassador Program!

CASA’s Ambassador Program is an initiative designed to connect people from all over the country and world “in harmony”. Regional Ambassadors will be responsible for getting out into their a cappella communities to spread the word of CASA programs and initiatives, and to report back with any upcoming a cappella happenings via the new and improved Acapedia. On top of this, Ambassadors will field questions from local singers and groups about their potential involvement in CASA, and direct them to musical opportunities (ie. Auditions, concerts, CD release parties) in their respective areas. But it doesn’t stop here in the States. We have and are looking for Ambassadors as far away from the US as Australia and Singapore! The possibilities of contribution are bound only by the imagination--- the Ambassadors will be a hugely helpful resource to their communities and to CASA!

But volunteering as an Ambassador doesn’t go without recognition! All Ambassadors are granted free paid CASA memberships, a free copy of BOCA annually for as long as they’re Ambassadors, and free entrance to all CASA festivals, including ECS and SoJam, along with a few other goodies we’ll keep secret for now!

Think you might be interested in volunteering as an Ambassador? We’re looking for a stable of dedicated, responsible and outgoing personalities to get the ball rolling as soon as possible! “People-person”s are definitely encouraged to inquire --- though all we ask is that you have love for the vocal arts and want to help CASA fulfill its mission to foster and promote a cappella and to help create harmony through harmony!

If you're certain you‘d like to become an Ambassador or even just want a little more information on the program, feel free to contact Christopher Diaz at Christopher@casa.org with your name and location! Can’t wait to hear from you!

Christopher Diaz
Ambassador Program Coordinator



Become an Ambassador! Never has volunteering been more lucrative and rewarding!

Christopher M. Diaz | ICCA & CARA Judge | FSU ANY '08 | Mouth Off! co-founder/host

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