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A cappella's been creeping further and further into the indie rock realm: Not necessarily bands who sing without instrumentation behind them, but straight-up college a cappella groups covering Animal Collective and Vampire Weekend, backing Rivers Cuomo. It's like a sickness! Just kidding (sort of). One-upping these dabblings, Ben Folds has created a new album, Ben Folds Presents: University A Cappella, a collection of the US of A's best a cappella groups covering his songs. Over two months, he, his wife Fleur, and engineer Joe Costa recorded the tracks themselves. The sounds were all captured with six area mics. Each session got four hours. This is raw a cappella, people. And, as Folds says, "This is not a novelty .. I consider this my new record...I'm incredibly proud of this." We have the artwork, the track list, and most importantly, sounds.

Read the rest: http://stereogum.com/archives/mp3/ben-folds-goes-to-college-for-a-cappella-lp_059051.html