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I just activated a new account on myspace for my vocal experiments. So the next step is uploading my fresh recordings. I just thought I'd share my recording strategies with you all. My studio is a very small room in the basement, but fitted out for the task. My microphone is Røde NT1A, placed in an acoustically damped corner with a metal pop shield. This goes directly into my Presonus Firepod, and is recorded in Cubase, which is my DAW of choice, where I'll do the necessary processing using EQ, compressors, reverbs and some Melodyne for tuning issues. After I have sung all parts myself, I get my part-time group to do overdubs using a stereo miking setup. The idea is to use this overdub to sculpt the dimensionality and depth of the stage, where the singers will be physically positioned in the stereo field in the room (which will be my living room, not the studio closet) even if I'm recording them one by one. That's the idea, we'll see how it works out.