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I'll begin with a fitting cliche: hard work pays off. Well, sometimes. In this case, anyway.

One general problem for most groups (mine included) is getting into the kind of mindset in which you are genuinely concerned with nothing but your sound and presentation. It seems a given, but try it in a classroom full of 16 girls and you've got a formidable challenge on your hands. 

Entering the DOTs last year, I was almost appalled at how lax the atmosphere turned out to be after just having endured the grueling audition process. Concerts were rough and unprofessional, leaving both audience members and performers with a sense of wanting. There was something of an unspoken agreement among the returning girls to mend this as best as possible, even if we didn't know just what we would do.

Fast-forward to the present. There's an event on the UCSD campus held by the student organization APSA that is a talent show/competition featuring a plethora of types of performers ranging from UCSD's collegiate a cappella groups to hip-hop dance and wushu (Chinese martial arts) with plenty in between. The DOTs participated last year with nary a ghost of a chance of placing in the top three, let alone winning. The feeling, the energy; it just wasn't there.

We returned this year after having experienced our first ICCAs and LAAF. Despite not having placed at ICCAs, we were excited and focused as we waited in the wings for the APSA show. When we were announced as "the fifteen sexiest ladies at UCSD", we couldn't help but smile and strut to our spots amidst the crowd's cheers. Where was this last year? That feeling, that confidence--we had it this time.

We rocked our two songs and took home first prize: the first competition DOTs has ever won, in the knowledge of the current members. For me personally as music director, it was fulfilling to receive some tangible acknowledgement of my efforts and struggles this past year. Hopefully it's all up from here.

And now, enjoy our two award-winning selections from the 2009 UCSD APSA Talent Show!

"Better in Time," o.p.b. Leona Lewis

"I Feel the Earth Move," o.p.b. Carole King


p.s. I apologize if this is technically a "story", which I almost feel it is. I'm happy to move it if need be.