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Lots to read in this issue, from concerts and workshops to auditions. Please do contact me at if you would like to support TAS in volunteer work and or if you would like to make enquiries or just say hello.


Will be back soon with the April installment! Happy reading!


p.s. Don’t for get to support Juz B in the Superband contest starting on the 10th of April!


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Our first of the workshop series will be held in May. We are working with a host of professionals to put together a series of affordable workshops to aid singers in developing stage presence and finesse. It’ll also be a fabulous place to meet other like-minded singers.


Look out for more details soon!


27th May - Perking Up that Lack Luster Performance : How to bring out depth / character on stage

8th July - Pop Singing : Learn it right. Licks and all with Annie Nepomuceno (Philippines)

Aug 06 - A Cappella Arranging

Sep 06 - Home Recording

Oct 06 - Song Writing




If you haven’t yet shown your support for a cappella groups in the Superband contest here’s how you can do it.




The date of the competition is confirmed for 3rd week July at the Esplanade Concourse.


Groups who sign up before the 1st of July will be entitled to attend the Pop Singing (full day) workshop by Annie Nepomuceno (Philippines) for FREE.


For new groups who are considering competing in this year’s National Championships, please give us a buzz at for more details.


Mentors in the form of singers from leading groups are available to donate their time to assisting your with feedback and or masterclasses for FREE. Let us know if you need help starting up or with your music or with ideas.


(3) TAS SINGERS (Repeat)


Looking for an avenue to pick up some a cappella singing skills? Training and rehearsals will be conducted once a week at a central location for 3 hours each time at a low cost of $40 a month. The mission is to provide training and or re-training to singers who’ve been too busy working and who are looking for a fun and friendly environment to put some a cappella songs together. Depending on the quality and progress of development, there will be performance opportunities as well. (Singers aged : 25 and up)


If you are interested to pursue this, please write in to with your comments and for more details.




Camp A Cappella 101 will be held this year on June 4th (Sat) from 9am – 5pm. Mr Larry Detwiler who has over 15 years of experience in training high school a cappella ensembles and arranging countless musical scores for a cappella groups, will be leading the camp this June.


This camp is targeted at singers who have not attended any a cappella training workshops or camps before.


Limited seats available at $25 for a full day music camp which includes topics ranging from Singing Technique, Solo Singing Technique, Starting and Managing a group, singing 2 songs, choreography, microphone technique and presentation technique.


Please email for more details. Book your seats today!


(5) GOOD EFFECTS OF SINGING ARTICLE from Australia’s My Business Magazine


Time Out - March 2006 ; Domini Stuart.


A Chorus Line

IF YOU’RE LOOKING for an endorphin rush, singing is unlikely to top your list of activities to try. But Tom Forrester-Paton has found that you can get the same kinds of pleasurable effects from singing as from a workout. As a director of Tomatic, a company specialising in rapid prototyping for the medical profession, Forrester-Paton regularly presents and exhibits at conferences across Australia. He spends much of his time on the road and, to compound the pressure, daily contact with companies in Europe makes irregular hours an inevitable part of the job. His escape is Laanysta, a 15-voice a cappella choir which rehearses every week and performs at fetes, fund raising events and parties.


Unlikely as it sounds to the non-singer, there is plenty of medical evidence to support these claims.


“The deep breathing associated with singing is excellent aerobic exercise for the lungs, abdominal muscles and circulatory system,” says Annie Macdonald, a Melbourne-based music therapist. “And, just as with other forms of exercise, singing releases endorphins,

which help you to relax and feel good.”


The good news doesn’t stop there. Research from Manchester University suggests that singing stimulates the saccule, a small organ in the inner ear associated with immediate pleasure. And a Swedish study found that people who sang in a choir actually live longer!


Musical transformation MacDonald also teaches English as a second language, and it was her work with a group of international students that alerted her to the therapeutic benefits

of singing. But what if you can’t sing?


“When we started the women’s group, just about every member claimed that she couldn’t sing. But they all just laughed at the dud notes and missed cues, and now everyone who hears them is impressed by just how good they sound.”


According to MacDonald, your voice is like a muscle – it can be developed and strengthened. “You just start out singing in your comfortable range and then expand,” she says.


“I encourage people to be playful and have fun finding out what their voice can do. Of course, not everyone will be good enough to sing professionally, but I believe everyone can sing well enough to participate and have a good time.”


Another option is one of more than 50 Sing Australia Choirs dotted around the country. Not only are there no auditions, you don’t even need to commit to attending on a regular basis.




Chinese a cappella group, PennYo, releases debut album

PennYo is Upenn's premier Chinese a cappella group. The name "PennYo" is a play on the Mandarin word for friends, "peng you." This aptly sums up the group's philosophy of being a tightly knit circle of friends, beginning with the group founders.


The group shares a mission to bring the sounds of popular Chinese songs to the United States through a cappella. Though PennYo sings primarily in Mandarin, it has also performed songs in Taiwanese, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean and English. We strive to celebrate the richness and diversity within Chinese culture, as well as the international influences which have infiltrated the Chinese pop mainstream.


To sample the CD log on to For purchases in Singapore, please email Douglas Tham for details.




Beats & Pieces

is formed by 2 gals & 2 guys. The group is looking for a bass, preferably with some singing experience and enjoys singing a variety of music genres (pop, jazz etc.). If interested, email Chingmei at


Metro Philharmonic Youth Choir (MPYC)

is currently recruiting choral singers, preferably tenors and bases with choir singing experience, between the age of 16 and 35, to join them in 2006 Singapore International Chinese Choral Festival in August 2006 and annual concert, Aurythmics VI in September 2006.


Rehearsals are held every Saturday, 3pm till 6pm at 9C Sam Leong Mansion, Sam Leong Road.

Please contact Mr Ng Eng Kee, at 9650-1578(HP) or email to For more details, please visit our website at




31st March


Easter Concert featuring Key Elements & other arts groups by YMCA

7.30pm, ACS Barker Concert Hall. Tickets 64302288. FREE Admission


7th April


Budak Pantai at Bluemoo Cafe

Reserve your seats from 27th Mar. Tickets at $10 / $ (students)

27th May


Bringing out personalities on stage; How to get it Right

Drama techniques for singers

10am – 4pm, Venue to be confirmed. Fee $25 / $15


3rd June


Camp A Cappella 101 (Beginners)

Join Larry Detwiler at Camp A Cappella 101. This camp has a 5 year success history of helping new singers get in touch with harmony singing.

9am – 5pm. Venue : To be confirmed) Fee $38 / student $28


1st July


Pop Singing : Getting it Right. So many claims to so many techniques.

Get your voice accessed and corrected at this full day workshop.

10am – 4pm. Venue to be confirmed. Fee $48 / student $38 (Foreign clinician)


3rd Week July


National A Cappella Championships 06


29th July


Vocalopollooza! A Cappella Dance Party


26th August


A Cappella Arranging

Wanting to get into writing a cappella arrangements? Learn the tools and tricks.

10am – 4pm. Venue to be confirmed. Fee $38 / student $28


23rd September


Home Recording : Create your own album!

Create (part of) a song in this session and go thru the process of recording and mixing it.

10am – 5pm Venue to be confirmed. Fee $25 / student $15


28th October


Song Writing : Learn tips on song writing

10am – 4pm Venue to be confirmed. Fee $25 / student $15


15–17 September


A CappellaFest 06 at the Victoria Theatre




Ang Mo Kio Sec Sch Choir – A Cappella Concert


End November


Camp A Cappella (Intermediate)


If you wish to list your gigs and performances with us, please write to Angie at we will be putting up this information on our web site as well.



If you'd like to submit articles, news and updates, volunteer your services or send in your comments, please do not hesitate to write us!  We look forward to hearing from you.


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