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School or Affiliation: Brown University
69 Brown Street; Box 4825
Providence, RI

The Bear Necessities

There are so many ways that the Bears stand out from the pack...Our devotion to energetic and spirited musical performance, our loyal friendships and playful camaraderie, our absolute inability to show up on time...Our fashion sense is also a strong contributor to our distinctive flavor. In searching for a fashion statement that would best match the spirit of the group, the leaders back in 1992 were slightly vexed. What says classy yet silly, sophisticated yet irreverent, sexy yet demure? Fedoras? Meh, we’re all for bringing back the hat, but that’s just excessive. Cumberbunds? Elegant, yes. But the constriction around the diaphragm would stifle the gorgeous sound the group produces. Suspenders? Aha! A sexy accessory that lost its popularity with the growing ubiquity of the belt loop. It’s as classy as a dry martini in August. And above all, it gives us Bears the singular flair that fits our bold and brimming performance style! So, try on a pair! You’ll never want to take them off!


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