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The Sasslong choir has its seat in St. Cristina in Val Gardena and was founded in autumn 1972 by a group of friends who loved singing.
In a short time, under the direction of Engl Runggaldier, the 36 components of the group have learned many new songs with great enthusiasm. Its first public exhibitions took place at folk events; its repertoire was enriched by religious and modern songs with the accompaniment of some instruments. Besides the classical mountain songs, they also sing classical international songs, Gospel and Spirituals.
Many conductors succeeded Engl Rungaldier: Nando Insam 1975, Günther Runggaldier 1990, Hans Malsiner 1995, and Willy Runggaldier since 2003. From 1996 to 2003 Sebald Goller gave his important collaboration.
The choir exhibits on several occasions, religious and folkloristic, mainly in the region of South Tyrol / Alto Adige. It participated in many competitions in different Italian and European cities such as Milan, Bologna…
Among the successes there are the first place in 1991 in the competition “Smetana” in Prague, a second place in the competition of “Enal” in Bolzano and a third place in the competition “Citta di Adria”. In 1999 the choir won the international competition “Johannes Brahms” in Wernigeride in Germany and took part with success in the singing olimpics in Busan – South Corea (2002) and in Bremen (2004). In the same year the choir was present with Christmas songs during the weekly speech of Pope Johannes Paul II in Vatican – Rome.
Its performances were recordered by Austrian and German televisions. The choir recorded 3 tapes and 3 CDs with its most beautiful songs.
The most important feature of the group is singing in different languages: Ladin, Italian, German and English. Three components of the choir, Engl Runggaldier, Fritz Senoner and Siegfried Perathoner wrote some songs that are included in the repertoire.


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