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School or Affiliation: Yale
40 Naples Road
Melrose, MA

Blue Of A Kind

Blue of a Kind is a men's a cappella ensemble that presents lively arrangements of songs exploring the genres of jazz, blues, gospel, sea chanteys, folk, spirituals and popular music.

Based north of Boston and performing throughout the greater Boston area, Blue of a Kind consists of musicians that share a passion for performing and blending their voices as one, enriching audiences and singers alike. Blue of a Kind has created a repertoire and a reputation for providing a wide range of a cappella music to the North Shore community from the simple folk song to harmony-rich contemporary arrangements. Members perform with the highest standards of musicianship and foster camaraderie in their enjoyment of singing.

Established in 2005, Blue of a Kind formed around a group of local singers with extensive singing experience, having recorded with some top collegiate men's groups. Music Director Robert Eggers helped form the group adding in his original arrangements and selections from the American Songbook. He served as back-up director of the Yale Whiffenpoofs and director of the Society of Orpheus and Bacchus, arranging songs for both groups. These singers shared a strong interest in developing an ensemble in order to recreate something of their collegiate a cappella experience.

Shortly after forming the group was featured as part of the Polymnia chorus' spring 2005 program. Since that time Blue of a Kind has continued to explore a wide range of songs including some original pieces designed to delight their audiences and stretch their musicanship.  The group continues to collaborate with other local groups including Polymnia Choral Society and No Parachute.


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