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Listen Up! Jewish Vocal Band

Listen Up! provides a truly unique approach to Jewish entertainment. Read testimonials that describe the special connection that our performances create with families and communities across the US. View videos to join our rehearsals or see our performances. Interact with our band on Facebook to be part of our a Jewish cappella adventure. Listen Up! delivers warmth and sheer “knock-yer-socks-off” vocal power in a way that differentiates them from many Jewish vocal “boy bands”. Kevin Kirshenbaum, Noah Mishkin, Steve Singer, and AY Karsh bring considerable talents as a professional ensemble—with a confident, easy manner during performances that wins the heart (and ears) of audiences of all demographics. With multi-generational wit and humor, Tzioni sensibilities, and an impressive artistic palette drawn from diverse Jewish musical traditions, Listen Up! leaves no audience unaffected by their performance. The Chicago Tribune writes, "What comes across in every moment of their performance is an adoration for singing -- turning melodies and harmonies on their heads to come up with something unique and full of freshness and appeal. When redefining musical rules, it helps to be good -- and Listen Up! is very good, lacking nothing in imagination and the ability to sell their vision of a song.”


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