School or Affiliation: Stanford
Stanford, CA


Raagapella is Stanford University's all-male South Asian focus a cappella group. With a repertoire of Bollywood pop, traditional cultural music, and fusion pieces, Raagapella has sung in venues ranging from dormitories to stadiums like the Hollywood Bowl. Two-time winners of the National South Asian A Cappella Championship, the group has also received critical acclaim for its debut album Raags to Riches, and performed alongside composer A.R. Rahman and other stars of Indian film music. Raagapella hopes to spread appreciation for the rich musical culture of South Asia through performances at Stanford and across the country. For the first time since its inception, Raagapella is touring India in June 2008, going back to the roots of its music. Our tentative itinerary covers cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad in India and Colombo in Sri Lanka.


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