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Boston, MA


The Boston Globe calls Syncopation the “Manhattan Transfer of the 21st Century,” and it is easy to see why. Like that legendary vocal group, Syncopation performs jazz and pop music that is both timeless and up-to-the-minute. These four young singer/musicians have performed across the U.S. at the Tanglewood Jazz Festival, the Tri-C Vocal Jazz Festival, the Boston Globe Jazz Festival, the Meihou Music Festival, and the 2004 and 2006 International Association for Jazz Education Conferences in New York City. The group also regularly tours Japan. The style of Syncopation includes bebop, latin, and pop influences. The group usually performs with a band, but their a cappella performance earned them first place at the 2008 Boston Harmony Sweepstakes. Each of the four singers is also an instrumentalist and is occasionally featured playing trumpet, trombone, piano, and percussion. Syncopation was formed in Boston in January of 2002 and mentored by Cheryl Bentyne of the Manhattan Transfer. Their first album, A New Dance, was released in 2003 and featured contributions from bebop trombone legend Phil Wilson, formidable jazz fusion trumpeter Tiger Okoshi, and Paul Stiller of the vocal group Vox One. In 2004 the group signed a record contract with Geneon Entertainment in Japan, and their album Of Blue, recorded in Tokyo and featuring some of Japan’s hottest jazz musicians such as pianist Satoru “Salt” Shionoya, was released in nationwide in Japan in November of that year. On Syncopation’s 2008 album, Wonderful You, the group reinterprets pop songs from the past 30 years. R&B, soul, folk rock, fusion and electropop are transformed by jazz harmonies, rhythms and style. This recording features Syncopation’s touring rhythm section of Mark Shilansky (piano), Steve Langone (drums), Greg Holt (bass), and Marcus Santos (percussion). All About Jazz calls Syncopation “a thoroughly modern, bright, and fresh take on ensemble jazz vocals that effectively updates the entire genre.” Syncopation is: Aubrey Logan, Christine Fawson, David Thorne Scott, and Tsunenori “Lee” Abe.


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