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Let's Get It Started - Tufts Beelzebubs
My Happy Ending - UNC Loreleis
Something Like That - U Oregon On The Rocks
Tribute - Duke Pitchforks
Let Go - JMU Low Key
The Scientist - Last Call
Save A Horse - UVA Hullabahoosv
Renegade - BU Dear Abbeys
Yeah - U Oregon Divisi
Crazy Train - UNC Clef Hangers
So Cold - U Penn Off The Beat
Hallelujah - Clemson Takenote
Mystify - MIT Resonance
You and I Both - Michigan State Acafellas
Are You Happy Now - Elon Twisted Measure
Crumbs - USC Sirens
Don't Change Your Plans - Harvard Callbacks
The Reason - UVA Academical Village People
Bonus Track: The Memory Remains - Stanford Harmonics
Bonus Bonus Track: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Clemson Tigerroar

That's 20 tracks in all - the largest BOCA yet!

And, for those of you who pay attention to trends, it's the hardest-hitting BOCA lineup as well, with a majority of slammin' hip-hop and driving rock tracks. This is not your grandfather's a cappella. Or even your father's. Or perhaps even your older brother's.

Congrats to all the groups who were selected, and thanks to everyone who submitted. With 127 albums to choose from and an unprecedented level of quality, we had a very difficult time deciding.

- Deke Sharon and Don Gooding