Not only is Bellatrix is one of the very few performing female beatboxers worldwide, but she is also an exceptionally talented all round musician majoring in the electric bass and double bass. Currently studying jazz at one of the top conservatoires in Europe, Guildhall School of Music & Drama, Bellatrix is exploring her identity as a musician and pushing boundaries with her unique and distinctive musical character. Having built up her prominence on the contemporary beatboxing scene, Bellatrix is now exploiting her musical talent and experimenting with ways in which she can propel beatboxing into new, less covered ground. Over the past few years she has been incorporating live sampling stations, FX modules, musical instruments and other musicians into her live sets, exploring further purpose for beatboxing, other than the emulation of a drum kit and a crowd pleasing showcase act. One of her most recent projects, the ‘Boxettes’, is an all female vocal group who push the boundaries of what is ‘possible’ with the female voice at the same time as putting on a spine-tingling and soulful upbeat performance. In 2006, Bellatrix became the first and only female beatboxer ever to compete in the official UK Beatboxing Championships, and was the youngest participant to reach the finals. Still the only lady involved, 2007 saw Bellatrix finish the competition in 3rd place, and in 2008 she became the first female judge. The UK has yet to see another woman surpass all judgment and exceed the reality of a male dominated beatboxing scene, and with such disregard of issue. For Bellatrix, objective is quality and sincerity of performance and material. As well as possessing the rare ability of being able to captivate any audience single-handed, Bellatrix is both a great group leader, and an excellent teacher. She has been involved in a number of groundbreaking projects and collaborations including Shlomo’s prestigious vocal orchestra, featuring the legendary Swingle Singers, and has worked internationally working in places such as New York, Spain and Austria, to name a few. There seems to be only one direction for this young woman, and it ain’t backwards, so let’s watch as Bellatrix combats the future and possibility of beatboxing music and see where her journey takes her. For bookings, contact info@allfromthemouth


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