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Standing ovations for New York hipsters Duwende and funky jazz favorites Cadence were the highlights of the Saturday pro concert, but impressive showings from barbershoppers New Release, Friday’s collegiate champion Sympathetic Vibration, hosts Almost Recess and their VP Dave Baumgartner (the ten minute drum solo man) made for an enjoyable and well-rounded concert.

Friday’s concert featured some respectable showings from these college powers: UVA Hullabahoos, UNCG Sapphires, Duke Pitchforks, Elon Sweet Signatures, UF No Southern Accent, and Ga Tech Sympathetic Vibrations. The judges had an understandably difficult time choosing a winner and the audience showed great patience during the longer than half hour deliberations. Host group Almost Recess filled the time with songs, jokes and even the singing of their cell phone ring tones. Like the best die hard a cappella fans, the audience was full of supportive energy to the very end.

During the day on Saturday and Sunday, the pro groups and their members led classes on topics ranging from bass singing (Kevin Fox) to discovering one’s “inner diva” (Dave Sperandio, Abby James, Brent Stephens) to an a cappella producers panel for those making a recording (Bill Hare, Freddie Feldman, Jonathan Minkoff, Dave Sperandio, Dylan Bell, James Gammon).

College groups received guidance in scheduled master classes, but all throughout the halls, professional and collegiate singers made connections, shared ideas, and filled the day with singing and laughter.

By the time the afterglow arrived, attendees were ready for the barbershop tags, toasts, and spontaneous choreographed “cage dancing”that made for a diverse evening. Living Fiction Media was kind enough to capture these images and for those who attended, the pictures will evoke friendship and laughter. Both “with” and “at”.

For attendees already in withdrawal or those that missed the action, CASA’s East Coast A cappella Summit is rapidly approaching. Save March 17, 18 and 19, 2006 in Oswego, New York and look for details on the incredible line up at casa.org.