School or Affiliation: Dartmouth
Hanover, NH


The SuBtLeTiEs is an all-female a cappella group founded in the winter of 1998, making it Dartmouth's youngest a cappella group. The Subtleties is known as a musically talented group of independent women who emphasize musical innovation through arrangements and creative performances. Extensive choreography, new sounds, colorful costumes, and uproarious skits have all become part of the Subtleties' signature style. Our repertoire includes pop, country, rap, rock, and other musical genres; we succeed in performing songs that would not be considered typical a cappella fare. All of our songs are arranged by members of the Subtleties. Membership varies from term to term but is usually between 11 and 15 members. Auditions are held at the beginning of every Fall term and as necessary.


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