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Dear Abbeys

In February of 1992, three gentlemen gathered to change the course of history. Their goal: to create an all-male a-cappella group at Boston University. After several attempts—and a few close calls—the Dear Abbeys of Boston University were born.

The idea was simple. Gather 13-15 men who enjoy music, camaraderie and “no show-tunes”, arrange popular songs for voice, and sing.

Now—20 years later—the Abbeys have gained a reputation in the a-cappella community for musical precision, complex arrangements and an energetic style of live performance that’s difficult to match.

After winning the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA’s) in 2005, the Abbeys have performed in stadiums, on street corners and everywhere in between. Their unique style is frequently heard at weddings, corporate events, charity functions, high schools, and  the greater Boston community.

Most recently, the group has focused on sharing their talents with students around the country. The Abbeys aim to inspire, inform and entertain—introducing young thinkers to the arts with the hope of initiating positive change.

Since 2005, the group has toured New Orleans, New Mexico, the Florida Keys, Austin, San Francisco, Alaska and more—occasionally teaming up with musical heavyweights like Steven Tyler, Ben Folds, NOTA and Ball in the House.

To date, the Abbeys have produced eight studio albums, four of which can be purchased on iTunes.


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