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Launched in 2005 by The Coalition for Music Education, Music Monday is the world’s largest single event dedicated to raising awareness for music education. Each year, hundreds of thousands of students, educators, and music makers participate in a simultaneous nationwide concert performance of an original song written by a Canadian artist. (You might remember last year’s event, led by astronaut Chris Hadfield.)

A magical moment happens at the same point during that day, that is, at 9 amPacific time, 10 am Mountain time, 11 am Central time, 12 pm Eastern time and1 pm Atlantic time, and 1:30 in Newfoundland, when students, community groups, musicians and artists right across the continent are united by one piece of music. (Yes, even a few U.S. locations are to be found on event map.)

Tune in to the webcast of events in Montréal and Calgary on Monday, May 4, at 12 PM Eastern. The webcast will conclude with 16-year-old songwriter Connor Ross, leading the nationwide sing-along of the Music Monday Anthem, “We Are One/Nous sommes unis”

Learn how to join in here: http://www.musicmonday.ca/aboutus/