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SABS (Spanish Association of Barbershop Singers) held a highly successful event in Barcelona, creating a 60 member mixed voice chorus for a weekend of education and tons of singing!Open to both men and women, Sing Harmony in a Day brought singers together to learn new music, sing tags, and grow barbershop connections in the area. They are already expecting terrific results from the event: 11127546_651990988234928_2100342268136712906_n

We think that a new ladies’ quartet will start as a result of the course and possibly a new chorus. We are also very happy to hear that Metropolitan Union (our 2014 bronze medalists) are planning to compete again in Calpe – whoop whoop!

Leading the event was Jon Conway (BABS), with some help from Hanfris Quartet. A Saturday night performance showed off the hard work of the attendees and featured quartets as well.

11201618_10153199759544299_237088558914527409_nWhat a fabulous day we’ve had with all the new barbershoppers from around Catalonia. It’s been an unforgettable experience!! We really hope this course will inspire the people to form new choruses and quartets! Thank you very much to SABS, Conservatori de Granollers for organising the course and to Jon Conway for his enthusiasm, energy and good vibrations!!! It’s been a pleasure.

- Hanfris Quartet

You can view video from the event on the SABS video channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoZz81M8u0aRhSsiUCFArzQ

Keep up with SABS on Facebook, too! https://www.facebook.com/BarbershopSpain