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Every quartet has their favorite Valentine stories, but here’s a little twist that only started on Valentines day from Doug Drew of the Ottawa, Ontario Chapter.

Doug’s quartet. A Special Event, in their finest outfits, had delivered several Singing Valentines during the morning and stopped for some lunch at a Pizza Parlor. When finished eating, naturally we sang to their waitress.  The man behind the Take-Out counter asked about the quartet and Doug gave him their business card.  Shortly after, this man hired them to deliver Birthday Greetings, with a Rose and Chocolates, to his wife as she instructed her Aerobics class at a local Community Center.

“While I did not see her, a lady in the class recognized me from work, and gave my name to another lady in the class.” Doug writes.  In a few days he received a call from this lady to sing at her husband’s Birthday Party. A party guest asked for their card.

A couple of weeks later that gentleman hired the quartet to entertain his Investment Clients, who he was treating to dinner in a very fine restaurant. He hired them a second time a year later, and became a regular at their Chapter shows and is still on the ticket sales mailing list now, several years later.

Doug summaries the chain of events: “All this from one song to our waitress.”

Submitted by Doug Drew.  Edited by Martin Banks

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