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02/22/2015 13:30
America/Los Angeles

CALL FOR A CAPPELLA SINGERS and BEATBOXER/VOCAL PERCUSSIONIST: We’re looking for singers to be part of a new a cappella ensemble in van nuys! We plan to sing both original songs and interpreted cover mash-ups.

Who we are: Chris Jones and Jessica Berns are classically trained singers with a passion for a cappella singing. Chris got his B.A. in music from Cal State Fullerton, and is the co-founder of the new opera company Black Tie Opera. He has followed his passion for a cappella singing by starting his own a cappella group in 2013, as well as singing in caroling groups and barbershop quartets. Jessica received her M.M. in Vocal Performance from Cal State Northridge, and has experience in multiple styles of music, from opera to musical theater to jazz. Jessica has sung in a madrigal group and a caroling group, as well as choral groups with strong emphasis on a cappella repertoire.

Here’s who we’re looking for:

Singers with strong a cappella experience AND/OR classical training.

Beatboxer/VP with strong a cappella experience, comfortable with improvising/freestyling

Singers comfortable with improvising

Have a strong ability to blend, good tonal memory, and solid relative pitch.

Comfortable and experienced with many styles of music: pop, jazz, r&b, country, as well as classical. Beatboxer/VP who has a strong singing voice is a definite plus as we may have arrangements that don't necessarily call for a lot or any percussion

Strong lead/soloist abilities.

We especially need altos and tenors!

Most importantly, we’re looking for artists who, once they join, will be strongly committed to the growth and success of the group, be willing to stay invested in the group for the long haul. The overall plan for the group is compete and go for paid gigs.

For serious, interested singers, we’re holding an informal meeting/auditions at 1:30 on Sunday, February 22. We are planning on having singers casually improvise in groups of four, as well as sing a short solo (a verse and a chorus or other short selection) that shows off their range. Please email jessberns@gmail.com if interested in attending and you will be sent the address and details.

Thanks! -Chris and Jessica