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Founded in 1997, the MadHatters are the first and the premier men's a cappella group at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. From the woodworks of the choral department, UW students Chris Yahng and Chad Musolf brought together a group of guys interested in acting like goofs, making good music, and giving something back to the community.
Since their humble beginnings the MadHatters have seen their fan base explode on campus, selling out their 2002 spring concert at the historic Orpheum Theatre on State Street and performing at the acclaimed UW Varsity Band Concert in April of 2002 in addition to their regular performances at hospitals, senior homes, various schools, and community events. Word of this talented group from Wisconsin has even begun to spread nationwide since the release of State Street, the MadHatters' award-winning debut CD recorded along with the UW's premier women's a cappella group, Tangled up in Blue.
Both the MadHatters and Tangled up in Blue were honored when each group had a track from the CD selected to appear on the 2002 Best of College A Cappella CD. This widespread publicity helped the MadHatters to take their first ever concert tour. In January of 2003 the group traveled to the East Coast performing at Harvard University and in New York City.