HomeA decade of song: 10 years in, Noteworthy is hitting its stride

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Provo's Covey Center for the Arts auditorium has a pretty big stage -- certainly more than enough room for the nine current members of Noteworthy, BYU's all-girl a cappella group. This Saturday night, though, Noteworthy will be using that space to the fullest.

To celebrate the group's 10th anniversary (and its first album in four years), Noteworthy is hosting an ambitious Covey Center show. Alumni from each of Noteworthy's 10 generations will perform, split up into five different groups. These groups will all combine with the current Noteworthy singers for a few special numbers.

Tatiana Quinn, who took over as Noteworthy's director last year, sang in the group from 2011-2013. She said Saturday's anniversary concert has been a year in the making. A handful of alumni have helped coordinate the show, working with Quinn and a few current members. Noteworthy's new album has been done for a little while, but Quinn said they wanted to release it in conjunction with the show.

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