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A plaque commemorating the Jackson Jill’s 50th anniversary was recently installed on the steps leading up the President’s Lawn to Ballou Hall. 

The project celebrates the Jills as the oldest all-female a cappella group on campus, according to Jills alumna Tina Surh (LA ’93). 

The circular memorial, located a short distance away from the similar Beelzebub plaque, bears the Jackson Jills’ logo, along with the words “50 Years United In Song.”

Jills President Emma Wise, a senior, explained that Jills alumnae, gathered for their 50th reunion last semester, decided that a plaque was an effective way to represent the group’s place in Tufts culture, reinforce a shared identity and encourage participation from alumnae and current members.

“It was a really cool opportunity to bring alums together even more, continue the spirit of the reunion and keep them engaged,” Wise said. 

Jills alumni coordinator Lucy Aziz, a junior, said that current Jills members, besides contributing money, enlisted the help of Jills alumnae in order to finance the project. Five decades of alumnae helped fund the plaque.

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