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Ogden, UT

Fat Old Guys

Grilled Stuffed Kirk
Overflowing with deep "flava", Kirk also gives girth and rich after-tones to the group's sound.

Luscious Finger Lickin' Jared
The way your momma used to cook, a dash of spicy Cajun gospel, a pinch of elegant classical training, and a whole of southern soul makes up the three main ingredients of Jared.

Double Shot Low-Fat Joe
Being a lightweight, Joe has the energy of a spider monkey hopped up on 5 cans of red bull while still maintaining a full flavor sound.

Sweet Icy Smooth Brett
Awaken your taste buds with the lip-smacking sound of Brett. db, ksh, db, ksh, db, ts, ts, ksh, db, ts, ts, ksh, rrrrggg, dm, dm, dm, db, ksh, psssssshhhhhh. Need we say more!

See why people are becoming addicted to the savory mouth-watering sounds of FOG!


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