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[From the TC-Helicon website...]

Watch and listen as Danish a cappella (sans instruments) group Basix perform live using the VoiceTone line of vocal effect pedals in this new video. It shows how this talented vocal group uses VoiceTone pedals to create ambience, punctuate sections and heighten intensity during a single performance.

The "Processed..." video above demonstrates how they perform using the pedals in creative ways. The "Unprocessed" and "Basix on their use of VoiceTone Pedals" videos show just how well these guys sing without any effects and features short samples and soundbites about how the products were used.

All mics are wireless and the receiver outputs are fed to a splitter where separate feeds of the dry and wet vocals are recorded to a DAW. Each performer controls their own effects by loading presets and activating them at exactly the right moments during the song. A mixture of VoiceTone Correct, Create, Double and Harmony-G pedals are used to smooth tone, add effects, create vocal doubling and produce harmony. Final audio mixing involves only panning; no external EQ, compression or effects are added.

Basix have won gold and platinum album status in their native Denmark and have won the prestigious American CARA award for a cappella vocals multiple times. The have performed in festivals around Northern Europe as well as on TV programs and have shared the stage with other acts such as Mick Hucknall from Simply Red, Gavin DeGraw and others. They've been called "one of Europe's finest a cappella ensembles" by the founder of the Contemporary A Cappella Society.

Listen for yourself and enjoy the joyful, sophisticated vocal talents of Basix mixed with exciting effects processing from TC-Helicon.

See the videos: http://www.tc-helicon.com/artist_select.asp?AjrDcmntId=10070