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 Every year the competition to win a Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award (CARA) becomes tougher. The number of groups who submit excellent albums increases every year but the number of nomination slots has remained constant, making it significantly more difficult to get official recognition for even the most outstanding submissions. Nowhere is this more true than in the collegiate genres where the number of submissions grows significantly every year.

In order to honor the young musicians who have created exceptional albums, we release the list of the nominators’ top 10 albums in each of the collegiate categories. This year, a 4-way tie made it impossible to limit the mixed collegiate list to just 10, so 12 albums are listed.

Congratulations to the groups listed below! 

2009 Best Male Collegiate Album Shortlist

Casual Harmony – Casual Harmony (Rutgers)
Disconcert – Pitchforks (Duke)
Extraordinaire – Aires (Dartmouth)
Give Us Back Our Spyplane! – Logarhythms (MIT)
Limelight – Exit 245 (JMU)
Studio 354 – Bathtub Dogs (U Nebraska)
The Green Room – On The Rocks (U Oregon)
Three Sheets to the Wind – Hangovers (Cornell)
What a Trip – Duke’s Men (Yale)
Where’s the Album? – VoiceMale (Brandeis) 

2009 Best Female Collegiate Album Shortlist

Belladona – Counterpoint  (Stanford)
Distraction – Decibelles (Dartmouth)
No Apologies – BluesTones (JMU)
Off the Record – Lady Blue (Duke)
 On the Record – Loreleis (UNC)
Pink is the New Black – Hoos in Treble (UVA)
Pronounced – Terpsichore (Boston U)
Rebirth – Blue Notes (Wellesley)
Roots – Divisi (U Oregon)
That's What She Said – Noteworthy (UGA) 

2009 Best Mixed Collegiate Album Shortlist

17 – All Night Yahtzee (Florida State U)
1929 – Off The Beat (U Penn)
A Little Bite of Everything – Orphan Sporks (Rutgers)
All Things Go – APC Rhythm (NYU)
Blink – Scattertones (UCLA)
Escape Velocity – Harmonics (Stanford)
Fire It Up – Acoustics (Boston College)
Off the Page – Opportunes (Harvard)
Prime – Amalgamates (Tufts)
Sincerely, - Callbacks (Harvard)
Smash – Chordials (Cornell)
Veristance – Veritones (Harvard)
As always, thank you to the CARA nominators who contribute hundreds of hours of their time to the evaluation of this incredible music!


I couldn't find video from

I couldn't find video from her collegiate days, unfortunately. But I did find this clip from the 2007 film Because I Said So, in which Lauren and her on-screen sisters force Diane Keaton to form a family a cappella group



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