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The Nor'easters. Heard of them yet?

Let's see -  SoJam X champs, CARA for Best Mixed Collegiate Album, ICCA Champions, etc. Any of those ring a bell?

Suffice to say, The Nor'easters are getting it done in just about every way a collegiate a cappella group can… but their 2012-2013 trifecta might not have been rounded out without the help of THIS COMMUNITY. We rock, we really do. Here's why:

In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings, the group's plans for traveling to NYC were thwarted when the city implemented a travel moratorium, canceling flights, busses, taxis, and just about all other forms of public transportation in and around the city. This couldn't be. It was "their time" - they knew it, we knew it (the a cappella world), and something had to be done.

CASA's Meg Alexander posted in the AcaBoston group on Facebook:

"Alright team Boston. The Noreasters' bus to NYC for finals was obviously canceled…"

Approximately 14 picoseconds later, David Longo (Sled Dog Studios / The Vocal Company) calls/texts/gchats me: "DUDE! DUDE!!! HELP THE NOR'EASTERS NOW!!!" I'm all like "Huh?", and he's like "THEY NEED TO GET TO NYC. GO. GET THEM THERE. FIGURE IT OUT. DO IT NOW!"

So, I post on the The Vocal Company Facebook page, and he posts on every other outlet available on the internet, and within about 20 minutes, we've got what appears to be the entirety of Facebook working on getting The Nor'easters to NYC. I don't know for sure, but they probably had competitors pitching in.

Elie Landau said it best: "I'm telling you people…if these guys don't make it to NYC, there will forever be an asterisk next to the name of the winners of this year's ICCAs. You want them in NY. You NEED them in NY. Get them to NY!!"

Next thing we know, The Nor'easters are posting all over the place saying they're taken care of, and that we needn't continue the push. I lol'd. This community came together so fast, and with such a fury, it literally made me lol.

And then they won the ICCA. We kinda had a hunch… :)

- Mark Hines