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[Ben Folds talks about his new recording project, featuring collegiate a cappella covers of his tunes -Ed.]

Hello All.

We've just wrapped up a new record called "University A Cappella" and I'm back on tour.

I'm hoping for an April release. Its mixed and mastered and art will be turned in in a few days.

For those who don't know what I'm talking about, I've put together a record of university a cappella groups performing my songs.

Our method of recording and the production concept was inspired by National Geographic field recordings and old seventies Nonesuch Records field recordings of native music of different cultures. Simple live recordings, documents of music being made in real time that capture the inimitable thumbprint of a culture as it is in
motion. I love that shit.

So it was in that spirit that we recorded student a cappella groups live in their natural habitat with a minimal of mics and no overdubs. It was me, Fleur, Joe Costa on planes trains and automobiles lugging cases of recording equipment into lecture halls, rehearsal rooms, dorms and even a campus synagogue. We didn't get to nearly as many as I would have liked - I just kept telling myself I can always do this again and make a series out of it.

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